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           Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in producing vacuum interrupters. Our company has a group of experts and technicians who have been specialized in producing vacuum interrupters for more than thirty years, and enjoys the tax preferential policy as a hi-tech enterprise.

Products and technology of our company

Our company has developed 1.14kv-40.5kv vacuum switch tubes of more than 100 types, which can be widely used for various vacuum circuit breakers, contactors and load break switches. As an ISO9001:2000 certified company, our production process strictly conforms to quality management system. The optimun design of our vacuum interrupter has been developed by our company together with prestigious institute.Leakage rate has been controlled in less than one-thousandth by Once Seal-Exhaust Technique,making the mechanical life of our products largely enhanced. Acquired national patents including 2009200832892、2009200834277、200920083534X、2009200835320、2009200835335、2009200832905、2010202742785、2009202743010、2010202743519、2010202742658、201020273772X、2010202737715、2011202989937、2011202988277、2011202988686、2011202988154、2011202988313、2011202987931、2012203095372、2012203091047、2012203088722、2012203088735、2012203098597、2012203085107、2013202546317、2013202507952、2013202537835、2013202507539、2013202538857、2013202554385

Operation scales

Sales volume of 1.14KV-40.5KV ceramic vacuum interrupter has reached456,178 pieces in 2019(50143 pieces of 40.5KV series vacuum interrupters and 56,718pieces of embedded poles had been sold)

We are planned to produce and sale 600,000 pieces of 1.14KV-40.5KV vacuum interrupter in 2020(including 58,000 pieces of 40.5KVseries vacuum interrupters and 67,000 pieces of embedded poles)


Personnel structure
Our company has 128 staff members at present, including 28 senior and medium class technicians, 2 experts of provincial and ministry level.


Business concept
The company persistently sticks to synchronization of management innovation and technical innovation. We are not only constantly expanding sales network, but also introducing modern management pattern, ceaselessly promoting management, optimizing and perfecting management structure. We will keep the quality commitments to customers, and ceaselessly offer perfect service to all the customers. Feite believes that we will have a brighter future!


OEM,ODM service offered.And you are warmly welcomed to be our agent! Including all scope of our products.To find more details,feel free to contact us.

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