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Feite is more than the products we invent and produce – the way we do business is just as important. At the company, our values and culture define directs us to go beyond the limit.

Our Core Values

·Make our customers the focus of everything we do.

·Recognize our employees as our greatest asset.

·Treat each other with respect.

·Be fair, honest and open.

·Be considerate of the environment and our communities.

·Keep our commitments.

·Strive for excellence

Superior performance is achieved when employees, managers and the company share certain key beliefs about our mutual responsibilities to one another. The Feite Philosophy describes a culture in which employees can achieve their full potential to make exceptional contributions, confident that these will be welcomed and rewarded.

Over 128 Feite employees from across the country – from the boardroom to the factory floor – worked together to define the Feite Philosophy. And we mutually hold ourselves responsible for carrying it out wherever we do business:

·We expect to be better.

·We do our business with the rules of frankness and efficiency.

·We are accountable for our commitments and expect that our performance will be measured.

·We encourage self-challenge and lifelong learning.

·We strive for the active involvement of every employee in our continued success and growth. 

·Compensation at Feite is fair and competitive for performance that contributes to the success of the business.

·Innovation are valued and encouraged as we build an environment in which new ideas flourish.

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