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Wuhan Feite Electric Company has been identified as a Hubei province of specialized "little giant" enterprise

Wuhan Feite Electric Company has been identified as a Hubei province of specialized  "little giant" enterprise

Recently, Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. won the Hubei Province specialized  "Little giant" enterprise award, which indicates that the company in the vacuum interruper subdivision, with strong innovation ability and competitive strength, in the industry can play a good demonstration and leading role.

"Specialized, Refined and Innovative" is a major project organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to follow a professional, refined, distinctive and innovative development path, enhance their independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, and promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises and high-quality development.

It is reported that the MIIT released "high quality of small and medium-sized enterprise gradient cultivation management interim measures" in June 2022. High quality and determination of small and medium-sized enterprises can be divided into three gradients of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, specialized small and medium-sized enterprises and "little giant" enterprises. The "little giant" enterprises was regarded as the highest standards .The quantitative and qualitative indicators are put forward in six aspects: specialized, refined, special, new, supporting and leading products of the industrial chain. The "little giant" enterprises are the vanguard of high-quality smes, and the identified enterprises need to meet all the requirements of the indicators.

The "Little giant" enterprises that have won the evaluation are the outstanding and the core strength of the small and medium-sized enterprises with "Specialized, Refined and Innovative ". They are the leading enterprises that focus on market segmentation, have strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technologies, and have excellent quality and benefit. They are the highest level and the most authoritative honorary title in the evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design and development, production and sales of vacuum interrupter, which belongs to the "national high-tech enterprise". As the core parts of power transmission and distribution, the vacuum interrupter and embedded pole produced by Feite Electric belong to the key links of the industrial chain and supply chain and the key fields of "reinforcing board" and "forging long board" products, which have been favored and recognized by domestic and foreign customers for many years.

The company always focuses on key basic technology and product industrialization to ensure product quality and technology to achieve "double leading". In addition, the company has been committed to the development of vacuum interrupter for global power grid for a long time. In the product design and development, the company reflects the characteristics of "Specialized, Refined and Innovative". In the domestic market, the company focuses on the development of high-technology 12kV-24kV vacuum interrupter and high-voltage 40.5kV photovoltaic and wind power industrial’s vacuum interrupter

Since 2011, the company has put into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau mining machinery, photoelectric and wind power industry for vacuum interrupter. After more than 10 years of operation, the product quality is stable and reliable during in the average altitude of 5,310 meters and the highest altitude of 5,720 meters , which it is given praise and recommendation by the clients. The market share of vacuum interrupter in plateau, photovoltaic and wind power industries is among the best.

Focusing on the development of 33kV-110kV high voltage class vacuum interrupter in the international market to seize the commanding heights of vacuum technology, a number of products through the type test of the international authority KEMA(Keuring Van Elektrotechnische Materialen) of the Netherlands test station. Its products have been exported to 26 countries and regions around the world, and its foreign sales continue to grow, providing safe and reliable services for the international power grid.

Up to now, the company has a total of 73 national patents, and the product implementation standards have reached the domestic and international advanced level.


Feite Electric was awarded the title of "Little Giant" enterprise in Hubei Province, which fully reflects the high recognition and affirmation of the relevant departments for the company's technical strength, innovation ability, product ability, market brand influence and industry status. In the future, Feite Electric will play a leading role as a "little giant" enterprise, constantly improve the industrialization technology innovation capability of vacuum interrupter and its mating products, and inject strong internal power into the high-quality development of the company with "innovation-driven", so as to better help Feite Electric to develop new products and expand the market.

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